Group Life Insurance

Nowadays, finding quality employees is an important part of the challenge of running a successful business. In today’s competitive job market, business owners recognise the importance of attracting and keeping good employees once they have been given a job. Keeping staff well-motivated is even more of a difficult challenge.

Group Life Insurance is an economical and socially responsible way for employers to offer a quality benefit which employees value and appreciate. As a fundamental element of any benefits package, Group Life Insurance enables employers to make financial provisions for their employees’ deaths should the employee die whilst in service. The basic policy (together with several optional additional benefits) offers peace of mind which would be difficult to replace by other means.

So just what is ‘Group Life Insurance’? It is an interesting variation of traditional Life Insurance, and is a mechanism by which many individuals are insured for a short period of time, normally one year, under one Policy document. The insurer will pay out each time one of the members of the group dies, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Normally, the employees are covered under this policy without any need to perform medical tests.


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