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General Business

Your business is susceptible to many risks which could have catastrophic effects on your operations. The most common forms are listed below:



Your property should always be covered by insurance in order to mitigate the risk should things go wrong. A fire, theft or accidental damage to your property could have devastating effects on your business.



This type of insurance provides cover in the event that a member of the public is accidentally injured and your business is found to be liable. If your business has made a mistake which leads to an incident causing damage to a customer or their property it’s likely that this will result in a public liability claim. Claims for trips, slips and falls are among the most common type of public liability claims. The cost of legal fees and expenses is all included for both defending the claim and paying out should you be found to be at fault. Public liability will only cover third party damages and does not include injuries to employees.

Other forms of General Business Insurance which are offered by Vita Financials are:
•    Electronic Equipment
•    Employers Liability
•    Machinery Breakdown
•    Marine cargo
•    Money Policy
•    Personal Accident

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