Complaints Procedure


Etisicura Insurance Broker want to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. If you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by us, we will try to resolve this as soon as possible.


Should you wish to register a complaint with us, you can:

  • Contact our Head Office on 20142400

  • Email us at

  • Address your concerns in writing to: “Etisicura, Conti Buildings, Triq il-Kalkara tal-Gir, Imriehel, BKR 3000”


When registering your complaint, please provide as much relevant information as possible, including your policy number, summary of your complaint and any actions already taken to address the issue (if any).


Our internal complaints handling procedure is as follows:

  1. Following receipt of a complaint, Etisicura creates a complaint case and starts the investigation of the issue that causes the complaint, in order to find a solution/response. An acknowledgment (via email or registered mail) will be sent within 3 working days.

   2. If the complaint is not resolved within 10 business days of receipt, we acknowledge it (via email or registered mail). We also inform you about when         we expect to be in a position to resolve the complaint and about the person in our office who is dealing with your complaint case.

   3. The above person will be your contact person until the complaint is resolved or until it cannot be progressed any further.


   4. Some complaints received may be quite complex and may take a little time to resolve. You will, however, be kept fully informed throughout the                 process. If after 40 business days from the date of receipt your complaint has not been resolved, we will write to you to advise the updated position

       and to notify you of the anticipated timeframe for the conclusion of the investigation.

   5. Within 5 business days of the conclusion of the investigation, Etisicura will issue a resolution letter detailing the outcome of the investigation. This           letter will include:

       a) The outcome of the investigation.

       b) If applicable, steps that will be taken in relation to the outcome


Whatever the outcome of a complaint, we will explain why we have reached that decision and offer assistance to you in any way we can.

If, after making a complaint to us, you are still unhappy and feel the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction you have the right to refer the matter to the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services, First Floor, St. Calcedonius Square, Floriana FRN 5130 or email on